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Removing Stripped Bolts from an Inline Skate Chassis

by Dicky Williams - EPuck.com

February 2003


Before you put your fist through a wall, threaten to gouge you own eyes out or (my favourite) put a fork through your ear – read this article for easy ways to remove an axle bolt that is stuck in a chassis. For simplicity sake, we’ll assume that the hex on the bolt is either rounded out or worn down to the point at which an Allen key is useless. There are a couple of ways to get the axle out:

Method 1:

  1. If you have a rounded out bolt, try this technique first. Choose an Allen wrench one size larger than what is normally supposed to fit in the hole. Clamp the Allen wrench tightly in a vise with the end of the wrench pointing up.
  2. Hold the skate over the Allen wrench and place the stripped bolt directly on top of the Allen wrench, as centred on the hole as possible. While holding it in this position, have someone tap on the other side of the bolt so as to force the bolt down onto the end of the wrench.
  3. After tapping enough to make the bolt seat down over the wrench, have your helper push down on the top of the bolt while you twist the skate the correct direction to loosen the bolt.


Alternate Technique #1:

Do the same operation, but with a Phillips screwdriver clamped into the vise.

Alternate Technique #2:

Do the same operation, but cut a slot across the head of the bolt, clamp a flat head screwdriver into the vise and follow steps 2 and 3 above.  If the bolt is recessed, that makes it much harder to cut the slot, but you can use a nifty little tool called a Dremel to do that.  Be sure to follow all appropriate safety precautions such as wearing safety glasses.

Method 2:

Bring it to a machine shop or a good bicycle shop and ask them to use a tool called an "Easy Out" to remove the bolt. What they do is to drill a pilot hole in the bolt, and place a bit into the hole that is reverse threaded so that while you are tightening up the bit, it is backing out the bolt. If you have the tool, or don’t mind buying the tool, then follow these instructions to remove the bolt.


  1. Grip the skate firmly or place it carefully into a vise.
  2. Drill the correct size pilot hole into the end of the bolt. (Be sure to wear safety glasses when drilling)
  3. Insert the Easy Out into the pilot hole and tighten (remember – to tighten the Easy Out, you must turn counter clockwise).
  4. Place a small adjustable wrench or vice grips on the end of the Easy Out and twist counter clockwise until the bolt begins to move.



Mike: Dicky Williams is the founder of EPuck.com. He has been involved in hockey for the last 9 years as a player as well as a youth coach and currently is involved with the creation of all content on the EPuck site from product reviews and descriptions to articles and interviews.   EPuck.com is one of the recommended shops for buying hockey equipment online on our shops page - see link to the left.




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