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Zephyr Inline Skate Tours

Skate Co. Association

May 2002


Mike: I noticed that Zephyr recently changed to associating with K2 skates when I remember their previous association was with Salomon last year.  I was interested enough to send Allan Wright an email asking about the history of this association, and got the following response.

Over to Allan Wright, president of Zephyr:

Zephyr Inline Skate Tours has had an association with a skate manufacturer since 1998. Our goals have been to cooperate on a marketing level with a company of integrity and, at the same time, to be able to make honest recommendations to our skate tour customers.

Zephyr was associated with K2 Skates in 1998, Zephyr's second year of operation. Unfortunately, the personnel in K2 headquarters at that time did not uphold the written agreement, calling for marketing cooperation, signed between K2 and Zephyr.

Because of that, we canvassed the market and switched to Salomon in 1999, coinciding with the introduction of Salomon's very successful and well-made skates. The cooperation between Zephyr and Salomon lasted from 1999 through 2001. Unfortunately, during this period the United States arm of Salomon had a number of disturbances: a patent lawsuit by K2, a move from the east coast of the US to the west coast, and a loss of the top personnel in the skate department. Because of this, Salomon also was unable to carry through with several agreed-upon marketing arrangements. We amicably parted ways.

Zephyr then canvassed the market again. Our goal was to find a partner with outstanding skates and, at the same time, an ability to create and execute a joint marketing effort. After hearing that the K2 skate personnel had changed, Zephyr again contacted K2 . The new marketing director at K2, Lauren Oetting, has been a fantastic person to work with. She has creative ideas, a good vision of the skate industry, and the ability to follow through with what she promises. Most importantly, as the creator of the soft boot skate that changed the standard for comfort in skates, K2 still produces some of the best skates on the market today. We can, therefore, honestly recommend K2 skates to our customers.



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