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Monday 23rd August 2004

Here's a Giro Pneumo Helmet review for your reading!

Friday 20th August 2004

Interested in joining the 24 hour skate around the world? From the website: "At least 24 inline skaters from around the world skate scheduled in a way such that 24 hours are completely covered without a break and overlap. The goal is to cover as many kilometres as possible and to knot a global net of skaters. An additional goal is to help Unicef, the United Nations agency to support children around the world."


Tuesday 10th August 2004

Taking skating lessons?  Here's a page of tips on how to maximise the benefits and get the best out of your investment.  How to get the most benefit from inline skating lessons.

Monday 9th August

The Euroblade 2004 event in Southampton is happening again this year on 17th October.

Here's a story about skating in Tokyo by Kurt Hahn.

Sunday 1st August 2004

Here's an update on the Eastbourne Freestyle and Speed Slalom competition 2004.

Wednesday 28th July 2004

And here's another video from Eddy Matzger - check out Rollerbag Adventures in London.

Saturday 24th July 2004

Do you like helmets?  Do you think they are an essential part of your safety equipment?  Well here's one take on the situation for cycling, which perhaps isn't that far from inline skating.  I think this is an excellent article that covers both sides of the great helmet debate, and for some time now I've not been as convinced about the efficacy of helmets as I once was.

ChapmanCentral :: Why won't I shut up about bloody cycle helmets? : "There are a lot of time series covering a lot of countries, and in every case injury rates have remained static or (quite often) risen as helmet use has risen; when there are large step changes in helmet use there are no corresponding changes in head injury rates"

ChapmanCentral :: Cycle helmets : "When Australia introduced mandatory helmet legislation the cyclist injury and head injury levels dropped - but so did the number of people cycling. So the rates stayed the same."

Wednesday 21st July 2004

An exciting new video from Eddy Matzger.  Check him out skating on the "Death Arch" in Seoul, Korea.

Tuesday 20th July 2004

Here's an article on why you should wear your helmet after you buy it, by Sebastian Baumgartner.

Wednesday 14th July 2004

Here's an article on customising the Salomon FSK Deemax ankle strap by Steve Davidson.  He felt the FSK standard ankle strap was relatively ineffective so here's how to replace it with a buckle.  Nice article and super neat job!

Here's a reminder about another free learn to skate faster lesson on Sunday 25th July.

Tuesday 15th June 2004

In just under two weeks time is the next free learn to skate faster lesson - Sunday 27th June, 12.00 in front of the Albert Memorial.  Feel free to come along and join in - you're good enough if you can skate forwards and stop.

Today is also the last day for cheaper registrations for the London Inline Marathon - the price goes up at midnight.  Come and skate and support the event - it may sound incredibly far, but doing a marathon on skates is much much easier than running one.  In fact the London Skate on Wednesdays is a half marathon on average.

Thursday 10th June 2004

Last weekend's Eddy Matzger workshop was a resounding success, and you can find pictures and comments here on Eddy's site.  If you missed it, there's still plenty of time to sign up for the second London workshop in just over a week's time, from 18th through 20th June.

Tuesday 1st June 2004

The London Lunatics are running pick-up ice hockey games in North London.  They are very beginner friendly and are looking for more players - please click the link to learn more.  No slapshots and no checking helps to make it a lot less intimidating.

Monday 31th May 2004

Thanks to everyone who turned up for the free learn to skate faster lesson!  I had a great time teaching you all and really enjoyed seeing the big improvements and the quality skating that resulted.  If you're interested in taking the techniques further then why not join the LondonSkaters Speed Team?

Also, this weekend there is the Eddy Matzger London workshop which I'd highly recommend.  Click the links to find out more.

Saturday 22nd May 2004

Here's a superb and very interesting article about wheel compounds and performance, with speedskating in mind, but the principles apply to all inline wheels.  Speed skating wheels and hardness, and indoor versus outdoor wheels by Glenn Koshi of Bont Skates.

Friday 21st May 2004

Free learn to skate faster lesson - Sunday 30th May:

Meet in front of the Albert Memorial at 12.00 on Sunday 30th May. The session lasts an hour, is at your own risk, is free, and you need to wear at least wristguards and kneepads.

We'll cover stride 2 and ease into stride 3 depending on the group's average ability. Lots of drills to improve your technique, suitable for both beginners and quite advanced skaters. This is an excellent opportunity to perfect the scooter drill. I'd point out that although I had a pretty good scooter and skating stride when I started teaching 18 months ago, both have improved significantly as a result of all the scootering demos I do whilst teaching.

Minimum skill required is to be able to skate forwards and to stop. The session is cancelled if surfaces are wet because it's unsafe to teach when there's reduced traction.

Tuesday 11th May 2004

Jerry Cooke's write up of the Skate South West event is here.  Looks like everyone had a good time in spite of the weather!

Congratulations to all the instructors who passed their IISA ICP Level 1 instructor exam this past weekend here in the UK.  There will be another UK certification course in September, plus there's several running during Big Skate Europe in less than 2 weeks time.  There's lots of other fun workshops and skill building going on apart from the instructor courses.

Wednesday 5th May 2004

The first LondonSkate of the year starts tonight, can't wait.  Check out www.londonskate.com for more information!  Don't forget the big Salomon sponsored party on May 19th after the WNS, in two weeks time, this year's don't miss skating event.

Saturday 1st May

Here's PeterC's review of his pair of 2004 Salomon FSK Crossmax 3. He also did some modifications to his skates for better fit to his foot.

Naomi's write-up on her trip to the Bilbao skate festival in Spain.

Friday 30th April

Just a reminder about the Eddy Matzger London workshop in just over a month on 4-6 June.  It's filling up rapidly and is well worth attending.

Wednesday 24th March

Just a reminder of the London Skaters Speed Team crossovers session this Saturday at 14.00-16.30 in front of the Albert Memorial, weather permitting.  Click the link for full details, and don't be put off by the "Speed Team" since the team is about introducing recreational skaters to fitness skating.  Also, the minimum requirement is only that you can parallel turn in both directions, which should include nearly everyone who has been skating for a month or two.

Here's two excellent articles just published on Inline.spb.ru.  Thanks Oleg!

Skating in Russia - St. Petersburg
Skating in Russia - Moscow

Wednesday 17th March

Here's an article about the effects of caffeine on exercise.  It links to several interesting articles on the internet and has some surprising information.

Announcement about the Seoul Extreme Games World Cup 2004.

Tuesday 16th March

Want to take a lot of the hassle out of cleaning your skate bearings?  Read this review of an Ultrasonic bearing cleaner.

Wednesday 10th March

Naomi has announced an introduction to freestyle slalom workshop in just over two weeks time.  6 hours of quality instruction from one of the UK's top freestylers!

Tuesday 9th March

Talking about skating marathons, here's Gary's report on last year's Berlin Marathon.

Monday 8th March

So You Want to Skate a Marathon?  Check out this great article by Allan Wright of Zephyr Tours on skating.com.  Many people don't realise that the average Wednesday or Friday night skate is about a half marathon.  Skating a full marathon isn't that difficult if you regularly do either of these London street skates!

If you want to learn more about speedskating and marathons, visit the LondonSkaters Speed Team website here.  Another good thing for skating a marathon would be to attend a workshop such as the Eddy Matzger workshop London 2004.  That and the team technique sessions the LondonSkaters Speed Team holds are great ways to skate a lot faster than before.

Thursday 26th February

Salomon FSK Crossmax 2 - 6 month test by Jerry Cooke, February 2004

The IISA have announced a new Level 1 skate instructor certification course in May 2004.

Tuesday 17th February

Don't forget to sign up for the Eddy Matzger workshop London 2004 if you plan on doing so.

Saturday 31st January

Team e2xn London and LondonSkaters.com are proud to announce we've teamed up in order to promote the sport in the capital.  Team e2xn London has renamed itself to LondonSkaters Speed Team.  See here for more details and the full press release.

Detail on the 2004 Engadin Ski Marathon.

Saturday 24th January 2004!

A review of the Heelys force skate shoe.

Wednesday 31st December

Last day to enter the competition for winter ice skating tickets at Somerset House ice rink!

Tuesday 30th December

Here's a SkateKeeper review - a transport and storage solution for inline skates.

My Skating Christmas Present by Bob Cardone.  Super article!

The K2 Power XP review has also been updated with a fix to the standard K2 skate buckles.

Thursday 18th December

If you're here in London in January, enter our competition to win tickets for winter ice skating at Somerset House ice rink.

Saturday 13th December

Here's a K2 Power XP inline skate review by Jeff McPhate!

Wednesday 3rd December

Now available - inline skating lessons gift vouchers.

Recent reviews:

Hypno Stealth 2003 skate review by Bill Hicks.
Hypno ice blade attachments review for Hypno skates by Geoff.
Transpack Delta Lite skate backpack review
A comparison of custom orthotics and skate/ski insoles for skating by Peter Maisey.

And also an interview with Naomi Grigg.

Thursday 27th November

Just a reminder of the free skating clinic this Sunday 30th November.  Meet in front of the Albert Memorial at 12.00 assuming the ground is dry.  We'll be working on crossover drills.

Saturday 25th October

Damien Awog-Boro has written this Rollerblades Lightning 07 inline skates review here.  Enjoy!

Thursday 23rd October

Jerry Cooke has reviewed his pair of K2 Biomex wrist guards here.

Free skating clinic reminder - this Sunday, 12.00am, meet by the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens.  We'll be covering Eddy Matzger's double push drills

Wednesday 22nd October

Here's a Mission RMx 2002 inline hockey skates review by Steve Costanza here.

Here's a translated version of the Eastbourne Skate 2003 report by the Rollerfr crew.

Monday 20th October

XSFred recently posted this article on how to clean 20 bearings in less than 30 minutes.  Another quality post!  Speed cleaning skate bearings.

Saturday 18th October

Here's a review of the Tecnica Twister Plus - a slalom and freestyle inline skate.

Thursday 9th October

Steve Costanza has reviewed his pair of Mission R 2003 inline hockey skates here.  Enjoy!

Friday 3rd October

Davey_Speedstar wrote this account of skating in Strasbourg recently.

Tuesday 30th September

To coincide with the running of Athens to Atlanta this past weekend, here's Gillian Clarke's story from 1998 when it was her first a2a!  Athens to Atlanta - the inside story

Tuesday 23rd September

A reminder of the free fitness and speed skating clinic this Sunday, which will cover classic push for the first hour and cross-over drills for the second.  Meet in front of the Albert Memorial at 12.00 this Sunday 28th September.  Everyone is welcome to attend, so consider yourself invited.

Afterwards some of us are going down to the Mall for some fitness training on skates.  Feel free to join us!

Friday 19th September

Mick Brown wrote this review of his Freecom Beatman MP3 player.  Not exactly skating I know, but many of us listen to music whilst skating.

Wow, big day at the London Inline Marathon!  Everybody had an awesome day!.  Give me a little more time and I'll put a story, and some pictures and video together.

Wednesday 10th September

It's getting real close to the London Inline Marathon now.  If you're still thinking about it, why not turn up on the day?  You'll get to have a lot of fun with plenty of other skaters and should see some impressive racing.  You can still enter on the day.

A big up to Rollerblade for providing some sponsorship for the Marathon.




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