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December 2008

Hi All!

We're nearly at the end of autumn now, with 10 days to the winter solstice and the return to lengthening daylight. The rain has been terrible the last couple of months, though some skating has at least still been possible.

A tip if you get something stuck in your skates, like a stone or twig: roll the skate backwards, and it'll often spit out the offending item. It doesn't always work, but most times it's the quickest fix.

========== Events ==========

The Santa Skate - Saturday 13th December This is one of the years best and biggest streetskates, it has such a party atmosphere and there are so many happy skaters and happy people watching. If you only make one streetskate, it should be this one. It's a fundraising skate for the LondonSkate, a worthy cause.


Christmas Ice rinks Many of these rinks are open from end November onwards. These are often very popular, full to bursting, can be expensive, and each session is very short. From that point of view these rinks don't compare well to normal ice arenas, but they are still good fun at Christmas time because of the tremendous atmosphere.


Slightly annoyingly, Winter Wonderland is back in Hyde Park, blocking off almost half of Serpentine Road. Don't they know that's where we skate? ;)

========== From the net ==========

Naomi's London slalom retreat Writeup on the week-long slalom workshop run by Naomi Grigg:


Skate Erotic Calender Featuring Sol, and well known quaddies, all proceeds go to cancer research. Cost is 5 to buy in person, plus 1 if posted within the UK, enquiries to:


Hannover Inline Games report:


A writeup of the resurfacing of Tatem Park:


100 pushups challenge This one has been getting some excitement and interest on several forums I'm a member of, and it caught me too, especially since I have poor upper body strength. My online friends and I have seen some huge improvements in ability, very rewarding!


Tip: Can you T-stop on both sides? If you can't, this is a skill that every skater should work on just as soon as you are ready. It's perhaps not the most effective of stops, and it does wear out your wheels. Most importantly you can't be considered an advanced skater until you can do this stop perfectly on either leg and at any speed you're comfortable skating at. This is because it's a good way to improve and test your one-foot balance.

========== Video ==========

Speedskating compilation


Nicely edited freestyle slalom video


Keith Renna - Flatland Freestyle Skateboarding


Lance on a fixed ride in Austin, Texas (click the Austin Texas image for the video). It's worth watching this one to the end for the yellow jersey room.


Tricks on cycle rollers:


========== Other ==========

Naked streets in Kensington High Street reduces casualties:


I'm willing to bet that this is of great benefit to us skaters, and pedestrians too!


Best regards, Mike.


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