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February 2009

Hi All!

Herewith February's skating news and videos. I'm really excited, it's now just over a month until we return to British Summer Time, and the lovely long summer evenings. I can't wait!!

Redline Sports Centre - hockey specific training

Igor Cheremetieff sets a heel wheeling record

Jumping into 2009 with TNS Frankfurt
I've never yet managed to jump in the sea after the Dunwich Dynamo, and that's in June/July, so this makes me chuckle!

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers
It's fun watching the stars of yesteryear and their skating skills.

Frank Spencer roller skating

>From the net
Geoff Dornan found guilty - skater vs the law.
Despite his obvious control and competence visible on the CCTV footage in the BBC link, I don't think skating in that situation was the wisest decision ever.

Naomi's skating years part 7

Mark and Mike's Practice Club
...is back from April 11th to Sept 5th. Saturdays at 16.30 at the Albert Memorial, this is as much a social session as a chance to work some skating skills and ask questions. Free.

BYO Picnic - Sat 18th April, 14.00
I'm having a bring your own food and drink picnic at the Albert Memorial. Hope to see you there!

London Inline Marathon - 31st May 2009
.. has radically changed dates this year, and is now on Sunday 31st May. Skating a marathon is a lot of fun, and much easier than running one. If you can regularly complete a Wednesday or Friday night skate, then you can probably finish a marathon too.

Philly Free Skate - June 19-21

Goodwood Marathon - 9th Aug 2009

Cyclist headbutts a bus:
I'm sure it wasn't funny for the cyclist, but his moment's inattention cracked me up. I'm glad the consequences were only minor.

A look up Death Alley
Discretion is always the better part of valour when dealing with lorries/trucks, whether you're on skates or on a bike. Notice how I correctly take the middle of the lane here to reduce the chance of a dangerous overtake and turn left? There's no way I'm going to risk my safety by riding on the left in the cycle lane at that junction.

LV Insurance claims cycling has become 29% more dangerous This is not remotely borne out by official figures, and seems rather disingenuous and a cheap PR stunt to me. For example, here in London figures show that cycling continues to get safer, with a 91% increase in the amount of cycling, yet a 33% decrease in casualties which is amazingly good news! This is probably mostly due to the safety in numbers effect of having more cyclists on the roads. Here's the CTC press release:

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